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carter. jimmy carter instructed him to vote for it. >> there have been at least one abberant presidential a election in which jews voted in a divergent way. do either of you think that we might see that kind of dip for 2012, or does president obama maintain the numbers on jewish voters? >> new york is a very important state. it is tough to say what will happen. i think that the president loses florida. >> is this a possible revisit and of 1980? -- revisiting of 1980? >> i think the president got the highest number of jews, the second-highest being 95% of all blacks. it's not hard to understand why. people, not only jews, we were so excited that we would have an african american candidate president in the white house. i think that that pride or sense of feeling isn't something that you can say based on our history and how it wipes out. wipes out. in terms of what we did, we now have come to the point where a black man or a black woman or any other group could achieve that. i think he will not get 78%. i believe the president is going to win and be reelected and i hope the jewish community
the jimmy carter administration, way back in 1979, 1980. to is in our interest not t talk to them, not because we like that government, but we want to see this resolved peacefully and not through warfare. host: new york, welcome to the program. caller: on 9/11, the anniversary, ray kelly but the city on high alert, got in the embassies and synagogues. obama did nothing. i think that if bush was there, we would have 50 marines on rooftops with sniper rifles. these people were killed. i heard bad information about this guy stevens, a friend of mine, fbi agent. the blood is on his hands. doesn't think they protect him every time they can. we are supposed to stand up for these guys, you know i am saying? host: mr. burns, why don't you begin by explaining how you think he administration handled libya? guest: let me just say, i've worked for democratic and republican administrations, and i think i.t. is unfair to level such a criticism of the -- president obama. he has been a strong leader in protecting this country, as president bush was, and both presidents since 9/11 have pu
jimmy carter -- it was established in 1979 under jimmy carter. is there anything that suggests that the department of education has been value added? i would argue no. each state gets about 11 cents out of every dollar that each state spends. you have to do a, b, c, d. here is 11 cents to do that. to do that, it costs 16 cents. what nobody really recognizes is that money. give education to the states. 50 laboratories of best practices. we will have some fabulous successes and some horrible failures that would be avoided. 50 different laboratories working on this. i would suggest that we come up with some incredibly innovative, new ways of delivering education in this country. host: our guest is joining us from sante fe, the formerhe is currently the libertarian presidential nominee and is on the ballot in 47 states plus d.c. he is challenging michigan, oklahoma, and another. are you confident you will get those last three states? guest: 0, seems to be the worst of all -- oklahoma seems to be the worst of all. two out of the three. these barriers that been put in place are to t
as the vice president. you see in the carter/reagan clip, jimmy carter does not look like he is left in a number of days. i've read the other day that the reagan people, after they did run through of the stage and how it was set up, there was a clear that would make re did not look good either. they measured of blue mat to cut the flare from overhead lights so that reagan will look really good. take ou >> this was a campaign that paid attention to every single detail, and it worked. >> i do not know who said this, but the observation of a particle changes the nature of the particle. it is very rare for someone to look good on television, unless there is massive preparation. i think now the television is with us 24 hours a day. there are no longer any two news cycles, it is 24 hours a day. it is very difficult for politicians or anyone else to look absolutely perfect, because the television camera is neutral. it shows good, bad, and indifferent. >> are we more expecting that sort of examination or revelation of the personal tax and peccadilloes -- ticks and peccadilloes? there were ti
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4